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Visiting Three of New York’s Best Attractions with

Have you ever been to the city of New York yet? If not yet then you can arrange of a NY tour today and experience everything this great city has to offer soon. And with the aid of a Charter Bus NYC, you can have the opportunity to see for yourself many of the best attractions that made NYC a proud tourist destination all through the years. Here are three of the best spots that you should not miss when you set your foot on the land which is also known as the Big Apple.

Central Park

Are you looking for a cool and relaxing place where you can just sit and enjoy people and attractions around? If this is what’s on your mind then you can walk your way to the Central Park. This park is actually considered as a playground of New York people. Taking the time to visit this park gives you the chance to realize that NYC is not only a concrete jungle but also a place where you can find a park that will make you feel nearer to nature. Some of the most notable attractions in the park that will definitely capture your interest include the Central Park Zoo, the Lake which is used by visitors as a skating area during the winter and a paddling area during the summer season. You’ll also love to see the Strawberry Fields right here.

Broadway and Shubert Alley

Your NYC tour will never be complete without spending some of your time at the Broadway. It is here where you can find long-running classics, plays and the latest shows. So when you hear the world Broadway, you should think that this place actually encompasses a wide array of theaters to enjoy popular shows. On the other hand, the Shubert Alley is a popular way in the theater district and also the home to some of the world’s popular playhouses.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

This museum is also popularly known as the MET. Here you can have the chance to see more than two million artworks which include decorative arts, costumes, Egyptian art, arms and armor, photographs, musical instruments and many more. Met also has a branch known as The Cloisters wherein you can find a plethora of art and architecture works during the ancient times in Europe.

To be able to visit these three great city attractions, get a Charter Bus NYC today!

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