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Explore New York At Its Best With New York Charter

New York is definitely an excellent place for tours. In fact, millions and millions of people from different places go to this city each year and enjoying everything it has to offer. If you want a place where you can find a good number of sites and attractions, head on to this city and come up with a travel experience that’s truly one of a kind. And to help you out with your tour make sure to pick one among the New York Charter Buses today.

The Times Square

Times Squares was formerly known as the Longacre Square. In 1904, the name has been replaced with Times Square after the famous New York Times tower. During the Great Depression, Times Square has fallen down into decay and this was the time when many theaters in the district shut down. But with the passing of time and with the invitation of many corporations into the city, Times Square has become alive once again. In fact, this area offers safe environments where you can enjoy shopping, dining and visiting the theaters day in and day out. Not to mention the Square’s mammoth billboards, of course.

Chrysler Building

One of NY’s most recognizable and eye-catching landmarks is the Chrysler Building. Although this has not been occupied by the famous Chrysler car company, the building’s art-deco remains strongly associated with the famous auto company. This is not surprising because the building features a spire that resembles a radiator grill of a car with a host of triangular windows. This was constructed in 1929, the Chrysler Building enjoyed its reputation being the city’s tallest building (though for a short time only) and still remains as the best epitome of Art-Deco architectural designs.

The New York Public Library

This library comes with great styles and designed which were made by well-rounded architects. This prominent library has been featured on many TV shows all through the years. It’s an enormous library that offers a reading room that spans about two city blocks with a vast of reading materials to enjoy. So if you are fond of reading books and other kinds of reading materials, touring to this city attraction will definitely make a great experience for you.

If you wish to see many of the city’s top-rated attractions, it is a good idea to form a group and hire one among the many New York Charter Buses today!

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